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My first build

August 27, 2016


Heyo boyos~

I just built my first PC. I went with a conservative budget build. Or at least that’s what I intended when I started out. Still I tried to get the most bang for my buck. Ended up totaling over $900 in the end. I’m gonna do a breakdown of what I bought, how much it costs, why I chose that part and some anecdotes about the building process.

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One Week Friends Anime vs Manga

March 10, 2016

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Hey again! Once again I enjoyed a story so much, I went through the trouble of experiencing it in both mediums. This time I read the manga before watching the anime. The anime aired and ended before the completion of the manga so they had different endings. I’m not really writing this as a “which is better” but just using it as an outlet to talk about my thoughts while noting the differences between the two. What I liked, didn’t like, what I think could have been done better, etc. So let’s hajimemashou shall we?

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Gakkou Gurashi Anime vs Manga

October 11, 2015



Hai~ minna-san! Mo-chan desu~ I really liked the Gakkou Gurashi anime from Summer 2015 so I started reading the manga. And I noticed quite a few differences. This is normal of course in any manga > anime transition. But I wanted to analyze the differences and how it changes the characters if any at all. If you saw the anime and don’t really want to read the manga but just wanna catch up on what happened, you can give it a read. Spoilers for the anime and manga will follow so be warned. So let’s get started shall we? Sei~no!
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[NELx3NE] The Mage’s Holiday

August 17, 2015

setitandforgetitI’m not the only one that remembers this infomercial right? I must’ve been a really bored kid if I kept on watching the same commercial over and over again. This is what I’m talking about if you don’t get it.

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[Ameiro] Sweet Dreams [18+]

May 22, 2015

blogOhaiyo gojaimasu! Another nanofate doujin. This one has some lesbian sex so it’s NSFW.

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[Ameiro] You are Like the Sun (Side N and F)

May 12, 2015


Hi! Hi! Hi! Edited something for nanofate again. Read more…

Non-Stopping Train

October 20, 2014


This doujin does not actually feature trains. Read more…