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New Year, New Anime, Old Blog

January 9, 2012

Ano Natsu de Materu

So yea, since our not so old blog got shut down (no suprise’s there) i (and mo) decided to start posting again on everything random (or at least i did) so starting off with my first impressions of some of the anime’s for this season.  I’ll try to do this for at least 4 anime’s per season and be as objective as possible so without further adue.

So right off the bat were hit with many jabs of de-ja-vu here, more specifically a certain long skirted boxing specialist tomboyish girl with long hair, as well as a certain twintailed of semi curly nature who is also short yet interesting and the freind of the main female cast in the show…but it doesn’t stop there….o yes theres more.  Upon starting episode 1 i’m hit with a scene that’s, script wise, identical to a certain anime that aired in the early 2o00’s of a certain teacher and a certain student with certain friends and a certain special relationship…   and where not done….we also have the (what i assume) is the childhood love interest , the school bishoujo, the attractive male friend of the male protagonist……yea, it’s this all over again so far

Heck it even has the same scene that happend somewhere around episode 2 where the family walks in on……you know what that actually isn’t what it looks like….you get the idea.  So if you want to see that anime again but with a slightly different cast this is it….so far.  On the good side our short loli interest seems just as interesting this time around (refer to top image, left)


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