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So you just inherited your dads pirate space ship….and you don’t know it

January 10, 2012

Mouretsu Pirates

Yea, thats litterally what happened but it doesn’t stop there.  your mom was his first mate, they have a letter of permit so there legal pirates, all his rivals want you dead,  and you mom forgot to tell you this because she was waiting for the right moment…..gee thanks mom.

So now onto the 2 (so far) main characters:

Marika Kato:

Shes our main heroin, has no idea she’s what we could call a pirate princess, works at an old style maid cafe, has natural talent for flying space ships (thanks mom), and has no idea whats coming her way…

Chiaki Kurihara:

The usual tsundere clsoe supportive freind.  So far all we know is that she knows what Marika is and is out to protect her…….and thats it…..episode 1  literally stops right there, just as things are getting interesting…..and she has a black uniform witch is always awesome.


This is following the usual twist that most of her classmates have there own unique talents and will more than obviously end up as her crew

Episode 1:

Quite a slow start, things don’t start being interesting till Chiaki shows up a la usual anime style of a school transfer and they leave us at the credits just as action starts happening…..we’ll see where this goes.  Torrents

Hi Mom….

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