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A Ninja, An Assasin, and a Highschool Girl walk into an school anime….

January 11, 2012

So yea….That’s what this is about.  More than likely this season’s light-hearted slapstick comedy anime.

So lets get to it….
Name: Oribe Yasuna

Occupation: Highschool(?) Student

Skills: Super faste regeneration, high pain threshhold, nack for suprising Sonya

Best description: Tomo + Osaka from azumanga daio

Name: Sonya

Occupation: Assasin

Skills: Deadly CQC, Lightning reflexes, girly phobias

Best Description: Aria (quadra no aria) + Nagi (Hayate no Gotoku)

Name: Agiri Goshiki

Occupation: Ninja

Skills: Airhead, Aloof, Super secret ninja arts

Best Description: If Miyuki’s mom from lucky star was a ninja

So there you go, slapstick comedy at it’s finest.  Was fun to watch, especially once Agiri-san joined in.  Between random situations, super secret skills, interesting reactions, and all around aloofness this seems like the relaxing show of the season, as well as some good chuckles.  Torrents

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