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Seven Samur…I mean Brave 10

January 17, 2012

So heres this seasons feudal-samurai-vs-ninja-vs-naruto anime.

Our protagonist (up top) is a wandering samurai that fights more like a ninja who is famous for being super strong and powerful and the works.  Our damsel (down below) literally runs into him cause shes being chased and the usual and the adventure starts.  So what can we expect? As per the name 10 powerful warriors of various abilities (revealed in the opening) that will fight some evil villian that wants to most likely destroy the world or some usual nonsense like that.

So far so good, we have a nice twist on our heroine in terms of her attitude but the usual something thats hidden in her, the hero who will obviously fall for the heroine, and some decent fights scenes that include Ougi’s (special techniques a la naruto) but somehow more realistic.  We’ll have to see how the rest of the characters measure up.  Bad news?  no loli heroine/villian 😡

“Watch it, you know you wana~”

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