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This weeks Free Time…(possible spoilers)

January 26, 2012

Thats right, time for deep and delicious….review-impreshion-ish-thing……dam i want one of those……

So this week were starting with Moretsu Pirates ep. 3

So Far: Story is still a little slow.  our main protagonist is still thinking about whether she wants to be the captain of her dads ship.  Meanwhile, back in ep.2 the cafe she works at filled up with agents, government officials, and rival pirate members that wanted x or y….and our best friend character (up there) protects and helps her escape and yada yada.  Now, it turns out that the school (space) yatch club happens to have a nice big cruise like ship up in space dock that they can use, so they do.  There going on a practice cruise of 2 days that will take them off past another planet…..10 bucks says they get attacked and the pirates ship shes can captain comes and helps them.

We also get a quick look at what is basically her school mate crew.  No surprises there, and as expected she helps our best friend character start to open up.

I want headphones like that….really

Ano Natsu de Materu  (AKA: Onegai Teacher 2.xx)

Yea no joke, she even wears the same color nightgown as our other legendary teacher…

Although at least here she knows it’s actually not smart to get involved and at the end tells him to not say it, finally someone with brains…

On the other side her friends is a tad crazy, comical (to us), and just a plain mistery…..she makes jabs at popular culture which can conjure  up a good chuckle….that i can remember she indirectly mentions Highschool of the Dead, What i think is Gundam, and i think it was Star Wars…..lets see what happens….and yea it should be ep. 3….i can only take so much love drama at a time before my self-defense systems turn it off.

Brave 10:

Not much happened, we got 2 new villains that are a real ninja a lady that bleeds snakes or some weird thing, 1 new female ally who can turn things to ice, the protagonist gets his ass kicked by said ninja, Izanami does a weird dance that ends in her doing a split……and yet we still have no idea what going on other than the main villain wanting Izanami because some weird and powerful thing is inside her….some decent fights also happen so so far it’s ok.

Gundam 00 Movie: Arrival of the Trail Blazer

Just finished watching it and to sum it up it’s the story of the evolution of humanity in a mecha anime…..was not really what i was expecting but 00 seems to have hit military drama on the nail.  Made me stop breathing a couple times and give em shivers a couple more.  Since i entered teh Gundam univers with Wing….i’d say it’s ok, good to spend the time, although honestly i only watch gundam to see mechs kick ass……so wish they made a Armored Core anime…..

The trump card of season 2

Nitori showing off her mech (White Glint from Armored Core: For Answer)

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