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The Devils cooking ,Gensokyo worst enemy, boiling heat, and random stuff…

March 1, 2012

Artist pixiv: 拝 一樹

Er…Um..yea….about that…you know how it is, with rpgs that need finishing, and new games that just beg to be tried out, and Tera closed beta…..and anime watching…..

So ti’s been  a whiel since i posting som actual doujin here so lets get too it….amongst other things.

Starting off with 2 fun doujin i found today at about 1am,

A Certain Scarlet Devils Sunny-Side-Up Eggs!!
 Chef Remilias Cooking Will Make You Happy!!

(with mediafire links)

These were awesome and fun to read, the artwork is excelent in a simplistic sence but with perfect proportions and phisical representations, and there portrayal of every character is spot-on (to my taste anyway)

Then i also found another fun read regarding Touhou doujinshi finding there way into gensokyo……

…yea… was fun, unfortunatley i couldn’t find a download any were so i’m linking ya to where i get everything i read : , if you still haven’t bypassed the sad panda page then go look it up on, should be there
What is this thin Book?

In slightly more interesting news i finally finished one of those rpgs i had about 70% complete…..

Hyperdimension Neptunia < danbooru link

It was definatley a jrpg in every sense of the word, dungeon grinding, VN-style cutscenes, and obviously anime styled character design.  The secuel should be coming in the mail early next week which is the reason i finally got off my ass and finished it…..

Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 <web link

The battle system in the first was very tradition but the secuel is uping the game….especially in the costume department……there grabing the skin customisation from Cosmic Break wich is unepxpected and awesome, there implementing a affection system which, if your buying this game you want and like, a touch of the combat system from Phantom Brave in that you can move the character a certain extent on there turn…..and all sorts of game parodical mentions…’s becase of games like this that i love NISAmerica….so go support them!

And it’s starting to get annoyingly hot over here……

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