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This weeks free time: ME3, Tribes Assend, and other oddities.

March 24, 2012

So summers coming and with it dozens upon dozens of games and stuff…and i finally finished one of them, started another, wondering upon another…

So after hearing all the rage about the ending of Mass Effect 3 i just had to see it for myself, so i set off to finally finish my first ME game.

Pretty good.  The gun play is solid, the AI (both friendly and foe) isn’t retarded and near the end of the game starts kicking your ass, and the character and skill leveling works.  On the down side the fact that most of the optional quests never tell you were to get the item for it really gets confusing and annoying and that in the end it matters little that you did them beyond leveling diminishes greatly the sense of acomplishment.


Standard as far as realistic goes.  Nothing outstanding, no character cinematics, no ultra texture work, just standard.


It was fine, all was good, and it was turning out to be a nice war drama…..until a very specific point in the ending sequence where your crew for some unexplained reason is traveling through hyper space, the destruction of the things that allow it reaches them, and they crash land on a green planet somewhere in the universe…..that’f the only part that i didn’t like, everything else was fine until that point, shepard dying was fine and acceptable, the loss of hyperspace was also acceptable, but the seemingly random crashing of your crew on a random planet??? just no.

Oh, and your blatantly told to wait for DLC after the credits for some possible extra story…..not cool.



Now onto something that i’m liking a lot, Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2.


Now this is something i’m really enjoying.  Although they do drop a huge bombshell on you at the beginning of the game they quickly explain everything and the game officially starts.  The suit customisation caught peoples attention and many good ones have been made, here’s the forum with all of them and a video


Another game i’m almost finished is Koihime Musou

Yea, it’s an eroge, and that’s exactly why it took long to finish, i started it about 1 year ago and i’m finally 2 battles away from finishing it.


Then i was also reminded about how long i was waiting for Halo 4 and teh fact that it comes out this year got me all gigidy, but the fact that it’s no longer made by the same studio makes me approach it with caution…….


Oh, and i’m also playing Tribes Ascend, and since it’s free there was no reason to not play it

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