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[NELx3NE] The Mage’s Holiday

August 17, 2015

setitandforgetitI’m not the only one that remembers this infomercial right? I must’ve been a really bored kid if I kept on watching the same commercial over and over again. This is what I’m talking about if you don’t get it.

Anyway, this is just another nanofate doujin I did for the nanofate group. The art is cute. Nothing special about it. No lewd, no sex, no nsfw. Fun for the whole family! It’s just Nanoha and Fate going out on a date.

The raws weren’t too bad. Not the best but wasn’t too difficult to work with. The singing contest was a pain with all that text over the characters. I was pretty ambitious with the translation script. Made a few personal changes for an easier read. I would like to give Hayate a southern accent next time to reflect her kansai-ben. Haha.

Get it here.

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