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December 6, 2016


Konbanya~n Minnya-nyan! I’ve been out of the figure collecting scene for quite awhile. Just didn’t have any monies. I’m getting back into it steadily, but definitely won’t go overboard on the purchases. Gonna try to stick to just stuff I really want or good deals.

Anyway this Miku-nyan figure came out in September. Miku-nyan being my favorite CG(Cinderella Girl) was an obvious buy. But it was a tough call since Alter also released a Miku-nyan figure of their own. Doushio!? After some deliberation, I decided to go with the Wave figure. Yeah, yeah it’s not Alter quality but this one screams Miku-nyan to me more and I wanted her in casual wear.

I didn’t buy her immediately. Amiami had a preowned listing for 6600yen, so after shipping it came out to roughly $73. The box window is damaged and pushed in, but the seal on the box itself is still intact as well as the tape holding the plastic together so it seems she was brand new. Just a little damage on the box. I’m really happy she turned out new and I got her for relatively cheap.

So without further ado, let’s talk about the figure a bit. Beware some figure gore lies within.

So to start, here are all the parts.

dsc_4226She comes with 2 faces(happy, scared), glasses, school bag, cat ears and tail. Her upper body is removable as is her skirt. And the usual hair parts. The hair seam itself is pretty unnoticeable.


A close up of the bag. It has some nice details like the neko paw keychain and a little pen sticking out.


Her two faces. I think I’ll mostly use the scared face. I like the little bit of blush. The eyes are nice and reflective.


The head joint is a ball so it offers some swivel motion.


Perhaps the coolest thing about this is that the cat ears are magnets! They stick right onto the head piece with no pegs or effort. Really great design.


The base is just your typical CG clock. Her shoe is screwed directly onto the base so you can’t really remove her from it. Not easily at least.


Her thighs are pretty boring. I’ve seen much better thigh highs that look like they dig into the skin. This is pretty flat and straight. Granted it would hardly be visible with the skirt on.


She has ample chest.


Nice wrinkles in her sweater from the twisting body motion.



I’m just gonna start dumping pics now.











And that’s about it. Overall impressions? I love it. The paint job is good, the sculpt is good. Characterization is good. I don’t really have any major complaints about it. Nyan out of ten.

And if you’re reading this, you may wanna check out the new chibi im@s cg anime coming out next season. Here’s my modified trailer with 50% more miku-nyan.

And here’s a clip.

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